OFFICE - 103109

There is the office there is the desk, the computer monitor, the potted plant, the fern there, next to the desk, where the soil needs replacing, replacement, the need for new nutrients new air, the water then that is not spittle. It is not a suit the manager wears but only slacks, only slacks and a shirt, only a tie, only. It is not shoes on the feet but wingtips, not polish, but spittle, not movement but nervousness and the picture there, the picture upon the wall, behind the desk the chair, behind the desk the chair, the picture painted of shapes of shapes of squares of colors of squares. Not a picture but a poster, there, a poster there on the wall. The mouth that moves that moves the mouth. That the manager is not the correct manager and I must speak to the manager of the manager who may or may not be the correct manager. It is not Earl not Earl not money. The money may then be determined by the manager of the not manager at the other office at the space where the many offices converge.

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