things that are good that happened recently

I managed to run 31 miles in 6 hours for the Forest Park 50k in Portland, OR. That's a little slow. I thought I would be faster, but I ate a lot of food including gummy bears, boiled potatoes with salt, pb&j, chili, soup, other things. I met someone from Washingon DC, who did not like Washington DC.

Other things: I have a story in THE COLLAGIST near other wonderful writings from fine and wonderful writers such as J.A. Tyler, Sarah Norek, Mathias Svalina, Johannes Göransson, Michael Kimball, Russel Swensen, Joseph A. W. Quintela, Emilia Phillips, Kellam Ayres, Brian Evenson, Renée E. D'Aoust, Adam Parker Cogbill, Melanie Page, Gavin Pate, Anna Clark.

Also Today & Tomorrow is officially available. It is best to buy direct from the Magic Helicopter Press. Amazon = Evil.

I just read Matthew Savoca's long love poem with descriptive title. It will make you feel calm and happy, sort of like reading Kenneth Koch or Kurt Vonnegut.


  1. hi ofelia. thank you for the zamboni drawing. it looks exactly like me. looking forward to reading the book.