Things that are good that happened:

I went to San Francisco and read at Adobe Books with Reynard and Ben Mirov. Ben Mirov read poems in a robot voice. The poems were very good. I traded a copy of T&T for his chapbook Vortexts which I read and is very good. I look forward to reading Ghost Machine. Reynard read James Joyce tweets and played bass over drum loops. I also got a free cd from Reynard which I'm listening to as I type this. There was PBR and wine. I drank PBR for the first time. I read to a crowd for the first time. I read from T&T. People seemed to like my poem about tasering. I met a lot of damned nice people who were probably too nice to me.. Hi, nice people.

I made some book notes for T&T. Thank you largehearted boy.

I will be reading in Seattle with Stacey Levine. Thank you Stacey Levine. Dark secrets will be revealed. I may pee myself. This is the kind of trauma most people would pay to see, but the reading is, of course, free.


  1. I'm glad you may pee. I will bring a sterile specimen cup for you and will write your name on the cup's name/date label. You're going to get an online Stranger Suggests, I hear.