i am not here probably

i have a baby now. the now baby has baby hands and feet and makes baby noises. the baby may eat other babies. fearful of this possibility, i have yet to place my baby in a pen with other babies. other babies might eat my baby also. as my baby is not yet mobile, it's frightening to consider placing my baby in a pen with other babies. it is possible, of course, that no babies eat other babies, but i have been unable to locate any peer-reviewed studies on the matter. my baby has attempted to eat its own baby-hands and has licked my face. so there's an outside possibility that my baby plans to eat me. there are dreams of babies suspended in the air above my face while i sleep. of vast baby networks where umbilical cords form zip lines from nursery to nursery. of babies piling weeds into my mouth while i sleep in the backyard. the weeds spread across my body and babies bloom in their stalks.

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