daylight savings time

daylight savings time propels time backward. i thought i'd feel younger for a moment but instead i feel sore and a sudden desire to play DOOM on a teenage computer network, something mutated that begins in a middle school and grows ever outward burying homes then towns then cities in wiring. all of america then moving slowly forward, chainsaws in hand, searching out unimaginative avatars. a second horrorcore story appears at SMALLDOGGIES. this morning i'm reading THE VOYEUR by Alain Robbe-Grillet. I will read THE ERASERS next. And attempt to use a similar strategy in a story loosely based on one small part of Dennis Cooper's story A HERD from the book WRONG. my daughter's learning to use her hands. she stares carefully at them, moving fingers, clasping both hands together, attempting to grab small objects, rattles, her feet, other things. i stand her on her feet and watch as she knee-locks and wobbles. she's pre-language but babbling. her favorite 'word' is "ging" or possibly "grgrgrssssgrg". 

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