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i just ran 15 miles to try to get back in shape for the Peterson Ridge Rumble. more of slow-mo jog. i saw train tracks, a library, a fort, several dogs, curmudgeonly old men holding umbrellas, several mexican restaurants, hipsters doing yoga, other things.

kitchen said something nice about a story of mine and i felt nice and will drink a ninkasi total domination ipa about it a little later tonight. also other nice things happened. i will probably drink a second ninkasi total domination ipa about this later tonight

i have a few copies of T&T that i'd like to mail to other people who exist. if you exist and want a copy, please email me (ofelia.hunt@gmail.com) your address and a slightly unhinged explanation for why i should mail you a copy. i must stress that i only have a few copies.

i'm going to start to try to randomly interview people and post the interviews here. if you would like to be interviewed, please email me. the first interview will feature Amber Nelson and will probably go up some time next week.

currently reading: Moby Dick (Herman Melville), The Broom of the System (DFW), and The Marbled Swarm (Dennis Cooper).

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