poem in which i replace words in a far better kenneth koch poem

the Kenneth Koch poem can be found here:
The Brassiere Factory.


Is government filming from gray helium?
Armed in Armor All, we filed the brassy fortunes &
Motion-pictures swam in soap! I was her, randomly
Its breasts walking into solo finance—
Into the low hamper of an arm where
Clammy boys lay
I killed you then
Orange of my broken insect hat
The waiters rose but with buffalo &
The nations erected a still
For how can widows heal without liquor?
And yellow eggs
Daringly, we filed the brassy fortunes
Of forty-eight spies
Armed in Armor All
When hormone bees hampered us
And you'd been armed by cops
With used Iraqi machine-guns and I said, "The gamblers &
Killers sound delightful," but still we filed away
Into dumber aero-planes
For all we know, androids fall asleep these days
On miniature militants with crayon emperors
Then armed in Armor All we filed the listed fortunes
The militants changed your fingers to poop &
I punished you, you fortune gimp
For tanks & microprocessors go out amorously in their armor
Where the nuns filmed us with crayons
There's whimpering to do
Expect dread like porn, and limp
Like proles about the cities
Armed in Armor All we filmed the idiots
Into an empty butchery
And foolish tank-tops for where bright breasts might belong

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