poor imitation of Kenneth Koch's 'The Boiling Water'

A funny moment for the soap
Is when it slips in the shower or
When your bag's searched
As in shoplifting the soap
Or hijacking the soap
The soap then an object of desire
A slippery moment
Can be caused by soap insofar as the water's nearby and plentiful
The soap slippery on a nude body
Is more pleasing if the body is a body
Your body's attracted to
The soap is more pleasing when
In the shower
The soap partners with your
Partner's genitals
Because clean genitals may play a role
In the most slippery moments
But a funny moment for the brain is when
It calculates the limits of soap
As when grease accumulates on your open hands
Or when a broken dish soils the carpet
A small moment for a human
Is a when a human knows
It is an it
As when I am a you are becomes
I am an I am
It is more pleasing for a human
To be human
Than for soap to be soap
Because soap was always soap
And this cannot be said of a human
It is more pleasing also
For a human to use the soap which is provided it
As when a human hopes to attract
Another human
Or when
Having attracted a human
A human desires a slippery moment
A strange moment for an orange
Is when its orange-ness becomes
Abstracted from its rind
Or when the pleasantness of its pulp
Is obscured by the stickiness of its juice
A funny moment for a human
Is when it pretends to orange-ness
As when its pulp and juice is spilled upon
A small square of concrete
The pleasantness of fruits is suspect
As in 'fruits of labor'
Or 'fruit of my loins'
If it is fair to say that fruit is dead
Then let us say it
And save for a while many pleasant moments

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