awkward phrasings, and poorly constructed-plots...jogging notes

I read the words "deep juice moat" on packaging for a cutting board and was instantly pleased. I had the same reaction to watching "Suicide Club," a Japanese horror movie with interconnected, tacitly related scenes, that fail to describe a plot, culminating in a David Bowie like musical climax (thinking now of Labyrinth). Well-constructed plots are predictable, and thus irritating, or boring. What I now find pleasing is the poorly-constructed plot. Where one action follows another with no explanation, with no specific internal logic. Plots that have the ability to surprise. Awkward phrasings are the same—when the expected word never comes, when another word fills its place—what can be more pleasing that that? For example I like these phrasings here Nothing new in this…or probably in anything…

Notes from jogging:

Too many tiny dogs
Pit bull photo shoot beneath the mini bridge
Lonely hikers speak quietly to themselves
Easy to scare people who think they are alone in the woods

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